Biometric Requirement for Foreign Nationals Applying for Permanent Residence in Canada

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The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recently announced the removal of a temporary policy that exempted certain foreign nationals from providing biometrics when applying for permanent residence (PR). This policy, which was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, granted an exemption to individuals who had previously submitted their biometric data within the last 10 years. However, effective from June 14, 2023, all foreign nationals applying for PR will now be required to submit their biometrics as part of the application process.

Biometrics, comprising fingerprints and a photograph, play a crucial role in establishing an individual’s identity and contribute to the safety and security of the Canadian immigration system. By capturing unique personal identifiers, biometric data helps ensure the integrity of the immigration process, mitigating the risk of identity fraud and enhancing the overall screening process for prospective immigrants.

It is important to note that even individuals who have previously provided their biometrics and still possess valid records will be obligated to provide their fingerprints when submitting a PR application after June 14, 2023. This requirement applies to both new applicants and those who may have undergone the biometric collection process in the past.

The reinstatement of the biometric requirement underscores the IRCC’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the immigration system and safeguarding the interests of both Canadian citizens and immigrants. By ensuring that all foreign nationals undergo the biometric collection process, the IRCC can verify and authenticate the identity of individuals seeking permanent residence, further bolstering the security measures in place.

Prospective applicants for permanent residence in Canada should be aware of this new requirement and make necessary arrangements to comply with the biometric submission process. Adequate preparation and adherence to the updated guidelines will help streamline the application process and avoid delays or complications.

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