British Columbia’s Fourth Skills Immigration Draw: Inviting Skilled Workers and Targeted Occupations

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Categories Include Healthcare, Tech, and Childcare Workers

British Columbia continues to actively recruit skilled individuals through its Provincial Nominee Program, as it successfully conducted its fourth Skills Immigration draw of the month on June 27, 2023. This latest draw saw a total of 185 candidates receiving invitations to apply for provincial nomination.

The draw comprised several distinct categories, each targeting specific occupations and skill sets. Category 1, known as the General Draw, invited skilled workers and international graduates who met the minimum score requirements ranging from 87 to 109. These individuals possess valuable skills and qualifications that contribute to the province’s workforce and economic growth.

In addition to the General Draw, British Columbia’s Skills Immigration draw featured targeted categories aimed at addressing the specific labor market needs of the province. Category 2 focused on inviting childcare workers who achieved a minimum score of 60. This recognition of the vital role played by childcare professionals highlights the importance of supporting families and early childhood development within British Columbia.

Similarly, Category 3 targeted healthcare workers, issuing invitations to candidates with a minimum score of 60. The ongoing demand for skilled healthcare professionals emphasizes the province’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services to its residents. This draw seeks to attract qualified individuals who can contribute to the advancement of healthcare in British Columbia.

The tech industry, a key driver of innovation and economic prosperity, was also given attention in Category 4. Tech workers with a minimum score of 60 were extended invitations, recognizing their significant contributions to the province’s growing technology sector. This draw showcases British Columbia’s dedication to fostering a supportive environment for tech talent, encouraging innovation and attracting investment in this critical industry.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) conducts regular draws to issue invitations to eligible candidates based on the needs of its application inventory. The frequency and size of the draws are determined by the program’s assessment of labor market demands and the availability of opportunities for skilled individuals seeking nomination for permanent residency in British Columbia.

By facilitating the immigration of skilled workers across various sectors, British Columbia continues to strengthen its workforce, promote economic growth, and address specific labor market needs. These targeted draws underline the province’s commitment to attracting and retaining individuals who can contribute to the province’s development and prosperity.

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