Canada Expands Passport Services with 7 New 10-Day Service Sites

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In a bid to enhance passport service delivery and reduce wait times, Canada has announced the opening of seven new 10-day passport service sites across the country. The move aims to bring passport services closer to Canadians’ homes, allowing them to receive expedited service while minimizing the need for long travel distances to passport offices.

Expansion of Canadian Passport Service Locations:

The Minister of Social Development, Karina Gould, recently unveiled the list of new Canadian passport 10-day service locations. These include

By establishing these additional service sites, Canadians can now conveniently access passport services within their respective regions.

Improvements in Passport Service Delivery:

Alongside the expansion of service locations, the official press release highlighted that passport delivery has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with no backlogs reported. Service Canada has also surpassed its delivery standards for the majority of applications, with approximately 98% of passports being issued within the 10- and 20-day timeframe. This accomplishment ensures efficient and timely processing of passport applications, providing peace of mind for travelers.

Passport Pick-Up Service at Service Canada Centres:

In addition to the new passport service sites, Service Canada has introduced a passport pick-up service at select Service Canada Centres. Canadians with proof of travel can apply for and pick up their passports at these designated locations [2]. The initiative allows for a more streamlined process, as applicants can receive their passports within 10 business days either by mail or through in-person pick-up. For individuals requiring expedited service (less than 10 business days), they can visit passport offices offering express or urgent pick-up services.

Commitment to Accessibility and Outreach:

Service Canada is dedicated to providing accessible passport services to Canadians within a 50km radius of their homes. The expansion of pick-up sites brings passport services closer to individuals, ensuring convenience and ease of access [2]. Moreover, the government plans to add more scheduled outreach sites in the coming weeks, further extending passport services across the country.


The opening of seven new 10-day Canadian passport service sites marks a significant step towards improving passport service delivery in Canada. With the expansion of service locations and the commitment to accessibility, Canadians can now apply for and receive their passports within shorter wait times. As the country recovers from the challenges posed by the pandemic, these initiatives ensure a smooth and efficient passport application process, enabling individuals to travel with confidence.

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