Canada Grants Relief to Indian Students Affected by Admission Letter Scam

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Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), Sean Fraser, has announced a compassionate measure to support international students from India who arrived in Canada with fraudulent admission letters. These students, victims of immigration fraud, will be granted temporary resident permits, allowing them to remain in the country and avoid the typical five-year ban imposed in misrepresentation cases.

The announcement comes as approximately 700 Indian students and graduates, primarily from Punjab state, face the possibility of deportation due to scams involving fraudulent study permit applications. Many of these students discovered the fraud when applying for permanent residency, leading to deportation orders that have caused distress and uncertainty within the affected community.

In response to the situation, the affected students and their supporters have been actively organizing rallies and protests in the Greater Toronto Area, demanding justice. The Naujawan Support Network (NSN) has been at the forefront, raising awareness and providing assistance to these students in Peel Region and surrounding areas.

While the recent announcement brings some relief, concerns still persist regarding the government’s process of identifying victims and potential delays in resolving their cases. The victims not only face the challenge of fraudulent advice provided by immigration agents but also the potential impact on their work permit applications.

To address these concerns, the NSN intends to hold meetings with government leaders to obtain further information about travel documents, work permits, and the criteria used to identify victims of immigration fraud. The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is also actively supporting the students and managing a petition on their behalf, advocating for a permanent solution to regularize the status of these students and all undocumented individuals affected by the scam.

Minister Fraser assures that international students who were not involved in any fraudulent activities will not face deportation. He emphasizes the government’s commitment to combatting fraudulent consultants and maintaining the integrity of Canada’s immigration programs. In line with this commitment, a task force has been established to identify foreign nationals genuinely studying in Canada, ensuring each case is evaluated independently.

Fraser further highlights the importance of conducting thorough research and obtaining a legitimate acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI) before applying for study permits. He recognizes the significant contributions made by international students to Canada’s society and economy, reaffirming the government’s dedication to providing an honest and transparent immigration path.

As the process unfolds, the affected students and their supporters eagerly await further updates and resolutions that will provide them with a clear pathway to continue their studies and contribute to Canada’s diverse and vibrant communities.

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