Exploring Canada Through Podcasts: The Ultimate Guide for Newcomers

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Podcasts have become an integral part of our daily lives since their rise to prominence around 2010. Nearly a third of Canadians are tuning in to podcasts daily. They listen for about an hour each day. This obviously shows that the podcast culture is thriving. Unusually, newcomers to Canada are more inclined towards this audio treat. This includes permanent residents, international students, and workers. They are even more likely to indulge in podcasts than native Canadians.

If you’re new to Canada, Immigrant Ink has curated a list of podcasts for you. The same applies if you’re just curious about Canadian life. These podcasts will immerse you in the country’s culture, politics, and more. Let’s dive in!

1. Dive into Canadian Culture and Stories

New to Canada Podcast: Hosted by Kate, this podcast is a treasure trove for newcomers. From understanding workplace culture to exploring sports and mental wellness, each episode offers a fresh perspective. With 50 episodes and counting, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you. Bonus: They offer a newcomer journal and community meetups!

The Secret Life of Canada: Unearth Canada’s hidden tales with hosts Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson. From intriguing local community profiles to lesser-known historical figures, this podcast promises a journey through Canada’s rich history. With nearly 60 episodes, there’s a story for everyone.

2. Master English and French with Podcasts

Language proficiency, particularly in English and French, plays a pivotal role in integrating into Canadian society. Here are some podcasts to help you hone your language skills:

Learn English with Bob the Canadian: Shifting from a successful YouTube channel, this podcast covers all facets of English learning. With episodes dating back to 2020 and 6-9 new ones monthly, it’s a comprehensive guide for non-native speakers.

Coffee Break French: Hosted by Mark and Anna, this podcast is perfect for those eager to learn French. Part of the broader Coffee Break series, each episode is designed to fit into a coffee break, making learning convenient and fun.

Mauril App: While not a podcast, Mauril is a unique tool for newcomers. It curates content from CBC and Radio-Canada, tailoring it to your proficiency level. From kids’ shows to news broadcasts, it offers diverse content to enhance your English and French comprehension.

3. Stay Updated with Canadian News Podcasts

The Big Story: As Canada’s premier daily news podcast, The Big Story, hosted by Johnathan Heath-Rawlings, encapsulates the most pressing news in under 30 minutes. With over 16 million downloads, it’s a must listen for anyone wanting to stay updated.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: A staple on Television Ontario, this podcast delves deep into Canadian culture. Hosts Steve Paikin and Nam Kiwanuka explore the intricacies of money. They also seek to understand Canadian farming. Through these efforts, they offer listeners a profound insight into Canadian life.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a newcomer or a native, podcasts offer a unique window into Canadian life. So, plug in your headphones and embark on an auditory journey through the heart of Canada.

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