IEC 2023: Latest Round of Invitations for Work Permits

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As of July 2, 2023, the International Experience Canada (IEC) program has recently conducted its latest round of invitations, extending approximately 1,500 invitations for work permits to eligible candidates. The IEC program offers an excellent opportunity for young individuals from around the world to gain valuable work experience in Canada.

Breakdown of International Experience Canada (IEC) Invitations

Working Holiday Visa Category: Out of the total invitations issued, the vast majority, 1,369, were allocated to applicants from eligible countries under the Working Holiday visa category. This category grants successful candidates open work permits, allowing them to work in various sectors across Canada.

Young Professionals Category: The Young Professionals category, designed for individuals with a job offer in Canada, received 152 invitations. This stream allows participants to work for a specific Canadian employer and gain professional experience in their chosen field.

International Co-op (Internship) Category: The International Co-op category, intended for students seeking work placements or internships in Canada, received over 17 invitations. This category facilitates valuable experiential learning opportunities for international students.

Total Invitations in 2023

The cumulative number of invitations issued for open work permits in 2023 has reached an impressive figure of around 85,000. These invitations have been a testament to Canada’s commitment to welcoming skilled and young talent from across the globe.

Processing Time

For applicants eagerly awaiting their invitations, it’s important to note that the current processing time for the IEC program in 2023 stands at approximately 9 weeks. While this timeline may vary based on individual circumstances, it reflects the dedication of the Canadian government to efficiently process applications and invite candidates to embark on their Canadian work experience journey.

Eligible Countries and Invitations Allocation

The IEC program maintains a list of eligible countries whose citizens can participate in this initiative. The number of invitations sent in the current week and the total number of invitations sent in 2023 varies for each eligible country. Additionally, the program keeps track of the available spots and the number of candidates in the pool for each country, ensuring transparency and efficient distribution of opportunities.

For aspiring candidates, it is essential to review the eligibility criteria for their specific country and category within the IEC program to maximize their chances of receiving an invitation.

In conclusion, the latest round of invitations for International Experience Canada (IEC) 2023 has provided numerous opportunities for individuals worldwide to gain enriching work experiences in Canada. With open work permits being granted to applicants from the Working Holiday visa category, and invitations being extended to Young Professionals and International Co-op participants, the program continues to foster international talent and cultural exchange. As the processing time remains steady at around 9 weeks, candidates can eagerly await their invitations, while also ensuring they meet the specific eligibility requirements for their country and desired category within the IEC program.

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