IRCC Prioritizes Support for Victim Students in Fake Offer Letter Case

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In a significant development, the Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, has addressed the distressing issue of fraudulent offer letters that have led to the deportation of numerous international students. Minister Fraser’s acknowledgement of the problem demonstrates the government’s commitment to finding a solution and providing support to affected students.

Efforts to Assist Innocent Students and Develop a Processing System

Minister Fraser has assured the public that efforts are underway to assist innocent students who have become victims of fraudulent offer letters. He emphasized the government’s dedication to developing a processing system that would enable these students to remain in Canada. While specific details and timelines of the process have not yet been disclosed, the Minister’s comments echo his earlier tweet expressing support for victims of fraud. This initiative aims to provide a ray of hope for innocent students who have been ensnared in this unfortunate situation.

Consequences for Violators of Canadian Laws

Minister Fraser made it clear that those involved in fraudulent schemes, including consultants facilitating the use of fake offer letters, will face consequences for their actions. The government is determined to uphold Canadian laws and ensure that individuals who violate them do not go unpunished. This stern stance underscores the government’s commitment to deterring such fraudulent activities and protecting the integrity of the Canadian immigration system.

Mental Health Concerns and Establishing a Process for Victims

Recognizing the profound impact on the mental health of affected students, Minister Fraser expressed his concern and pledged to establish a process through which they can prove they were taken advantage of. This empathetic approach highlights the government’s understanding of the emotional toll faced by students who have fallen victim to fraudulent offer letters. While specific details regarding the process are yet to be disclosed, the Minister’s commitment to addressing this aspect of the issue indicates a desire to provide a remedy and support system for affected students.

Appeals and Students Sharing Their Stories

In the aftermath of the publicized cases involving international students who unknowingly used fraudulent offer letters, affected students have taken up the fight to challenge the removal orders they received. They argue that if trained immigration officers were unable to detect the fraud, they should not be held solely responsible for the consequences. The students have now embarked on a legal process of appealing the removal orders, and they are using this opportunity to share their side of the story. Their aim is to raise awareness and seek justice for their situation.


Minister Sean Fraser’s acknowledgement of the issue of fraudulent offer letters and his commitment to addressing the challenges faced by international students caught up in these schemes brings a glimmer of hope to affected individuals. The government’s focus on assisting innocent students, developing a processing system, and holding accountable those involved in fraudulent activities signals a proactive approach to rectifying the situation. As the appeals process unfolds and affected students continue to share their stories, the Canadian government’s efforts to combat fraud and support victims will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of this complex issue.

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