Quebec Announces Their Immigration Plan for 2024 and 2025

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When it comes to the enchanting land of Quebec, the only thing that may outshine its mesmerizing landscapes and unique culture is its approach to immigration. Quebec’s charm lies in its ability to strike a balance between preserving its French heritage and welcoming new faces into its multicultural tapestry. In November 2023, Prime Minister François Legault, along with the Minister of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration, Christine Fréchette, and the Minister of the French Language, Jean-Francois Roberge, unveiled the Quebec Immigration Plan for 2024 and 2025. Let’s take a deep dive into the details of this intriguing plan and see what it means for those looking to call Quebec their new home.

The Quest for French-Speaking Immigrants

In 2024 and 2025, Quebec is set to revamp its immigration strategy with a focus on bolstering the number of French-speaking immigrants. The cornerstone of this strategy is the implementation of “Francisation Quebec.” This ambitious initiative aims to not only select candidates proficient in French but also to promote the knowledge of French among immigrants. So, what’s in the bag of tricks?

Encouraging Younger Immigrants

One of the key elements is the drive to attract younger immigrants to Quebec. Why? To mitigate the effects of an aging population in the province. Young, vibrant souls breathing life into the province’s culture and workforce – it’s a win-win.

Welcoming, Integrating, and Retaining

Quebec’s plan is not just about welcoming newcomers. It’s about nurturing their growth and integration into the fabric of Quebec society. From the vibrant cities to the serene countryside, every region in Quebec will play a role in this grand immigration scheme.

Yearly Immigration Targets

Hold on to your seats, folks! Quebec plans to up the ante by welcoming up to 12,000 more immigrants per year, surpassing Prime Minister Legault’s initial target. That’s a whopping total of over 60,000 immigrants each year. The plan includes diverse streams:

Regular Admission

The province is ready to throw open its doors to around 50,000 people via regular admission. This diverse group includes skilled workers, family reunions, and refugees – all finding a new home in Quebec.

French-Language Graduates

Around 6,500 graduates from French-language university programs will have a golden ticket to Quebec.

Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Self-Employed

Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are also in for a treat. Approximately 6,000 of them are expected to seize the opportunity and make Quebec their business hub.

Economic Immigration Reigns Supreme

Economic immigrants will dominate the scene, with a majority hailing from this category. The plan retains a steady 31,950 admissions for both 2024 and 2025.

Skilled Workers Take the Lead

Skilled workers lead the charge, with a slight increase from 30,650 in 2024 to 31,500 in 2025.

Business Category on the Rise

The business category will also see growth, with an increase from 1,250 admissions in 2024 to 1,450 admissions in 2025.

Family Class Immigration

The family class remains at 10,400 admissions for each year, ensuring that Quebec continues to be a welcoming destination for families.

French Language: A Compulsory Journey

What’s the catch, you ask? The Quebec government is making French knowledge a must for economic programs. They’re raising the bar by requiring an oral knowledge level of 4 in French for workers participating in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). It’s not just a requirement; it’s a step towards preserving the French essence of Quebec.

But, there’s a twist in the tale:

Exception for Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers, however, have a different path. Those renewing their Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) after residing and working in Quebec for more than three years can breathe easy as they are exempt from the French language requirements.

A Two-Year Plan for Vigilance

The Quebec government has decided to take a cautious route. Instead of unveiling a four-year plan, they’ve chosen a two-year plan. Why, you may wonder? It’s all about monitoring the situation and understanding the impact of these measures, all while ensuring the vibrancy of the French language.

Quebec’s Immigration Vision

The Immigration Plan is a reflection of the Quebec Government’s larger vision – one that aims to cater to the labor market’s needs, support economic development, and keep the French language alive. Quebec knows its capacity to welcome and integrate newcomers is a jewel in its crown.


1. Who is eligible for the Quebec Immigration Plan for 2024 and 2025?

  • The plan focuses on attracting French-speaking immigrants, skilled workers, family reunions, and refugees. Eligibility criteria may vary by category.

2. How many immigrants will Quebec welcome in 2024 and 2025?

  • Quebec plans to admit over 60,000 immigrants per year, including regular admission, graduates from French-language programs, and self-employed individuals.

3. Is knowledge of French mandatory for immigration to Quebec?

  • Yes, for many economic programs, an oral knowledge level of 4 in French is required. However, agricultural workers renewing their Quebec Acceptance Certificate after three years are exempt.

4. Why did Quebec opt for a two-year immigration plan?

  • Quebec chose a shorter plan to closely monitor the impact of new measures and ensure the vitality of the French language while adapting to changing circumstances.

5. How can I get Canadian immigration assistance?

  • You can contact the Cohen Immigration Law firm for assistance with Canadian immigration and guidance through the process.
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