The Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program: June updates

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In June, the Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program conducted five Express Entry draws. Resulting in the issuance of 479 Notification of Interest (NOI) letters. This program aims to attract and retain talented individuals who possess the skills and experience required to contribute to Alberta’s diverse economy.

Alberta Express Entry Draws in June

Let’s take a closer look at the Express Entry draws conducted by the Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program in June:

DateNumber of NOIsRequirementCRS Score of Lowest-Ranked Candidate
June 01117Family connection and primary occupation in demand304
June 08150Priority sector – Agriculture occupation and French as a first language382
June 2068Priority sector – Construction occupation with Alberta job offer301
June 2119Designated Healthcare Pathway and Alberta job offer318
June 22125Priority sector – Family connection and primary occupation in demand306

Few things to keep in mind when submitting your NOI letter:

Gather the necessary documents: Prepare all the relevant documents, including a copy of your NOI letter, identification documents, language proficiency test results, educational credentials, and proof of work experience.

Organize your information: Ensure that your documents are well-organized and easily accessible. This will help streamline the submission process and prevent any delays or confusion.

Follow the instructions: Carefully read and follow the instructions provided by the AAIP for submitting your NOI letter. Pay attention to any specific requirements or additional information that may be requested.

Submit within the deadline: Submit your NOI letter and supporting documents within the two-week timeframe mentioned in the letter. This ensures that your application remains active and increases your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residency.

FAQs about the AAIP

Who is eligible to apply through the AAIP’s Express Entry stream?

Skilled workers with a valid Express Entry profile
Candidates who meet the specific eligibility criteria outlined by the AAIP for each draw
Individuals who demonstrate the potential to contribute to Alberta’s economic growth and diversification

What is the CRS score?

The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score is a points-based system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to rank candidates in the Express Entry pool. It takes into account factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability.

Can I improve my CRS score?

Yes, there are several ways to improve your CRS score. These include enhancing your language skills, obtaining additional education or certification, gaining more work experience, and securing a valid job offer from an employer in Canada.

How long does the AAIP’s Express Entry process take?

The processing time may vary depending on various factors such as the volume of applications, complexity of cases, and program requirements. It is advisable to regularly check the AAIP’s official website for updates and information regarding processing times.

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