Canada Border Services Agency Lays Charges on Fraudulent Immigration Consultant

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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has recently made significant progress in tackling immigration-related fraud. In a press release issued on June 23, CBSA announced that charges have been laid against an Indian national, Brijesh Mishra, for various immigration offences.

Investigation and Charges

The investigation into Brijesh Mishra’s activities was initiated following information received by CBSA regarding his status in Canada and alleged involvement in activities related to counselling misrepresentation. Based on the evidence collected during their investigation, CBSA has pressed criminal charges against Mishra for immigration violations.

The charges against Brijesh Mishra under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) include:

  • Unauthorized Representation or Advice for Consideration – one count
  • Counselling Misrepresentation – one count
  • Misrepresentation (Direct or Indirect Misrepresentation) – one count
  • Misrepresentation (Communicating False Information) – one count
  • Non-Compliance with the Act – one count

It is important to note that the confirmation of Brijesh Mishra’s arrest has not been provided in the official press release by CBSA. However, several media reports claim that he has been arrested.

Task Force to Address Fake Offer Letter Cases

In response to the growing concern over fake offer letters and fraudulent practices affecting international students, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has established a special task force consisting of senior IRCC officers and CBSA personnel.

The task force’s primary objective is to identify and assist students who have become victims of fraud. So far, 309 international students have been identified, and their cases are being reviewed. While awaiting the task force’s decision, these students will be issued a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) valid for six months. Additionally, once found innocent by the task force, these students will be granted a three-year open work permit.

Recent Developments and Parliamentary Involvement

Recent developments surrounding the issue of fraudulent offer letters have gained significant attention. Lovepreet Singh, whose deportation was temporarily stayed due to student protests, and Balbir Singh, who appeared before the Parliament Committee on June 22, 2023, are among the individuals closely associated with this issue.

Stay tuned for further updates as CBSA and IRCC continue their efforts to address fraud and protect the rights of international students in Canada.

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